Typing break


I think it makes sense to remove the typing break feature from the
control center for 3.0.  Reasons include:

 * It has never really been designed in a session holistic way - poor
interactions with the screen lock and power management.
 * Doesn't really currently make sense in the 3.0 shell - due to lack
of status icons, etc
 * It isn't used by (or required by) enough people to warrant
inclusion in the core
 * It is probably more useful as an app
 * Things like workrave are fine
 * At some later point we can redesign it as a plugin of some kind
that works well with the shell (once we have a design for it)

I'm planning to remove it but I was asked to post here first.
Hopefully this doesn't turn into lots of bikeshedding :/  So, let's do
it this way... if you want to keep the feature you come up with a
design for how it works in the new system settings and in the 3.0
shell (with appropriate fallbacks to the 2.x shell).  And if the
proposal makes sense we'll add it back.


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