Re: what does _X-GNOME-Keywords in .desktop files mean?

On Thu, 2010-11-25 at 03:40 +0200, Lucian Adrian Grijincu wrote:
> Hi,
> In
> There's this string marked for translation:
> # Translators: those are keywords for the display control-center panel
> _X-GNOME-Keywords=Panel;Projector;xrandr;Screen;Resolution;Refresh;
> Are these strings that a user might use to search for this application?


> If yes should translations include both the original english and
> localizations for those terms and maybe other terms that would likely
> be used in that language to get to this application?

You should use your best judgement here. There are languages where the
English word is as prevalent as the translation or native expression
when it's available.

In any case, this doesn't need to be a translation anyway, you can add
all the words you think of, depending on what you would use the panel

> This field appears in other files too.

In loads of them. If you see missing keywords in the original English
language, please file a bug.

> _X-GNOME-Keywords=Wallpaper;Screen;

In French that would be "Fond;Ecran;Papier;Peint;" for example, which is
more than the 2 available in the English version.


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