Re: Update on Control Center 3.0

On Wed, 2010-05-19 at 22:39 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
> Hi,
> Given the problems above, I've started with a new branch from master

You don't mention the name of the new branch...

> that integrates (cherry-picks) many of the things we've learned from the
> extensible-shell branch. Firstly, "Capplets" are now referred to as
> "Settings Panels", or just "Panels" for short. The shell will be
> referred to as "System Settings", but I am not going to suggest renaming
> the module or binary at this stage as it may be too disruptive.
> There is a new public shared library (libgnome-control-center) to aid
> implementation of settings panels, including an abstract base class
> class for all panel implementations (CcPanel).

What's the plan for Python apps? I'm currently working on updating
gnome-lirc-properties for newer distributions (meaning I'm slightly
late ;), was wondering what I should do with it in the close future.

>  This interacts with the
> shell through the CcShell class and are loaded using the GIOExtension
> API. I've written appropriate gtk-doc documentation for these classes,
> and there is an example "hello world" panel in the examples directory.
> The API is not finalised yet and is subject to change; so please do
> query anything that you think may need improving.
> I will rebase my work-in-progress branch onto master by the end of the
> week and will start implementing the existing capplets that we intend to
> keep. It would be helpful if people who actively maintain capplets could
> take a look at creating a new settings panel implementation.

I'll take a look at the API, and start porting a few of the capplets I
take care of.

Could you create a blocker bug so people can file bugs against relevant
products that include capplets right now?


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