Re: Make default

> Maybe the way forward here is to work a UI for this that is more
> elegant than just extra buttons. What if we had a button/combobox
> combination that would let you select wether to apply locally,
> globally or mandatory (of course, only if you have the privileges):
> [Apply |v]
> where if you click on the rightmost part of the button (the arrow),
> you get a popup that lets you choose
> Apply
> Apply system-wide...
> Make mandatory...
> Comments ?
> Matthias

I'm jumping in here a bit late, but a while ago I suggested adding /
extending a context menu for all of the custom widgets used in GnomeCC
to include Set Mandatory, Revert and Set Default. So, one right clicks
the particular option he is interested in and, just like in
gconf-editor, sets it as the system default!
(Alternatively, those three hefty options could be replaced with a far
simpler, less scary choice that opens gconf-editor pointing directly
at the key - eg: gconf-editor

As a general idea, although I haven't stared at this project much, it
looks like most of the widgets used in the interface have a reference
to their respective gconf keys, so the code and infrastructure for the
feature within gnomecc could be fairly abstract. Granted, there are
also many widgets that need an extra kick to do it, and getting other
projects to follow could be tricky.

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