RE: Enabling About Me by default

>>> I think for setting up user accounts (even your own) the new accounts
>>> tool is much better.  And for the other case, I think we need an
>>> addressbook app in GNOME.  We talked about this at GNOME Summit this
>>> year with the Telepathy team a bit.  I'd really like to have
>>> that has all my contacts in it, regardless of protocol.  Buddies,
>>> emails, gmail, facebook friends, the works.  Ideally all the various
>>> contacts for a person would be aggregated together.  This probably
>>> requires plugins of some kind I think.  Anyway.  I think we need to
>>> sit down and design what this should look like and get someone to
>>> write it.  I'd really like this in GNOME 3 - but it is getting tight.
>> I was gradually coming to the same conclusion as you, but doesn't
>> Evolution provide the address book functionality that about-me or a
>> separate contact application would provide?
>> If you think we needed a separate address book application, there is
>> always Contacts that could be picked up and to run with...
>Oh, interesting.  I'm not sure I know that one.  That's different from
>Ross' contacts applet I assume.  Do you have pointer to this?

This is, overall, something we're very interested about with Moblin as I
suspect will become clear in the fullness of time. We should schedule some
talking time about this at the design hackfest thing.


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