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Thomas Wood and I brainstormed  bit about how we wanted to do themes in GNOME 3, and clean up the interface a bit.
The discussion started when we needed to decide what list of themes there should be by default and we came to the conclusion that we're not the people to make that decision for our users. We will have a default theme that's really great of course , but if the user wants something else it can browse the ones on instead through an integrated interface. Furthermore, I think that customising  a theme should not be there at all, i think a theme should be used in the way the designer intended it to be. Instead art.gnome.or should be a community site like with themes, but you can also compose new themes there with the whole spectrum of icon themes, gtk themes, window themes etc. Installing them from the web should be one click. A kind of "Theme Bazaar".

I hope this makes sense :)

Attached some mockup.


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