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On 14 Jul 2009, at 23:19, William Jon McCann wrote:

One thing that I really like about Matthew's design is keeping
everything in one toplevel window.  But it seems to me like that would
also be possible with the stuff you blogged about, right?

I think so... as I understand it anyway, Jenya and Kristin's proposal is really supposed to be Phase 1 of a two-phase approach. The first phase being to implement an improved control center that nonetheless still just launches the current capplets in their own windows (but opened at specific tabs, where required), and the second phase being to work on the capplets themselves and potentially integrate them into a single window model.

Calum, what do you think of
And Matthew, what do you think of ?

I don't think it's too much different from what I'd imagine Phase 2 of Jenya and Kristin's approach could look like, so I think we're generally aiming in the same direction.

Interesting to see Matthew is thinking about an explicit menu bar though... of course, the Mac's control centre has this as well, but I wonder how many people ever notice or need to use it (since in OS X of course, the menu bar lives up at the top of the screen). I'd certainly never looked at it before today, and now that I have, I've just realised I've been missing the ability to organise everything alphabetically rather than by those annoying categories for all these years :)


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