Re: Dropping the "Interface" tab from appearance capplet

Thomas Wood wrote:
> However, before we remove the tab, I suggest we fix the default option
> for the toolbar styles. I would like to see the default setting being
> "Text beside icons".
Just looking at all the applications I use and their use, I'd argue
that a default setting seems like an impossible thing to do:
- Nautilus uses the desktop default, but there's a move to make it
take less space
- File-Roller has 2 toolbars; 1 using the default setting, 1 using
text beside icons
- Inkscape uses icons only
- Firefox uses icons only
- Epiphany uses desktop default, but I've customized it to look like Firefox
- GIMP uses icons only (ok, it's not a real toolbar, it's a tool palette)
- Glade uses the desktop default
- Abiword uses icons only
- Gnumeric uses icons only
- Evince uses the desktop default
- Eye of GNOME uses the desktop default
- Baobab uses the desktop default (but fails to change when you set
the GConf key, bad Baobab)
- GEdit uses the desktop default
- Transmission uses the desktop default
- Totem (if I may include this) uses icons only
I'm not aware of anyone but Epiphany allowing customization of this.

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