Re: desktop effects tab in appearance capplet

This discussion seems to have died down a bit, I think because of an
unresolvable conflict between two different ideas about what the option
should do. These are that:

1) "Desktop Effects" should turn on and off various effects in the
current window manager (usually Metacity, since this is the default for


2) "Desktop Effects" should swap the window manager between Compiz and
Metacity. When Desktop Effects is enabled, Compiz should run with
various options available. When Desktop Effects is disabled, Metacity
should run without a compositing manager.

Personally I prefer the first option and I think it is the only option
the GNOME project can adopt for the reasons I've outlined in previous

Obviously several distributions would like to implement the second
option, for their own various reasons.

I think the only way to resolve this is to implement both solutions and
add a configure switch called "--enable-compiz-switcher" which would
enable the second option.

I hope this is acceptable to everyone and we can move forward and
implement this feature for GNOME 2.24.



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