Re: [Usability] Mousetweaks usability discussion

On 31 Oct 2007, at 13:54, Denis Washington wrote:

I have made a mockup that integrates Mousetweaks settings into the mouse

I hope I haven't forgotten everything. Comments?

Tab names need some thought, but otherwise looks quite neat. I think you'd ideally want some sort of preview area on the Accessibility tab as well, though, for testing out the two functions there that have a delay slider.

Also just noticed a couple of points that apply to the existing Mouse capplet:

- I'd suggest that something like "interval" might be a better term than "timeout" for double-click settings. I'm not sure my granny would know what a "timeout" was, even if she were still alive :)

- "Double-click" should only be hyphenated in it's noun form IIRC, so I think "try to double-click" is incorrect. (I'd check this in the doc styleguide, but the * websites seem to be dead right now.)


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