Re: GUADEC meeting summary

On 2 Aug 2007, at 17:15, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

On Mon, 2007-07-23 at 19:45 +0200, Jens Granseuer wrote:
* about-me seems to be disabled by default, should we enable it? fix it
and make it more useful?

It certainly needs a good bit of fixing (keyboard timeouts come to
mind, bleh). It might become a bit more useful when the telepathy stuff
that was talked about at GUADEC lands (whenever that may be).

yes, gnome-about needs a revamp to make it more useful. Maybe providing
support for selecting accounts (mail, calendars, IRC/IM), Online
desktop, etc. Quim gave a good talk about this in GUADEC 2006:

I wonder how much of about-me would be replaced by some applications in the new Online Desktop metaphor? I assume something like Big Board basically replaces about-me?



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