Re: GUADEC meeting summary

Matthias Clasen wrote:
On 8/3/07, Denis Washington <dwashington gmx net> wrote:
Rodrigo Moya wrote:
      * keyboard + mouse on a 'input devices' capplet
I have done a mockup for a possible input devices capplet [1]. Instead
of using tabs-in-tabs, I suggest to move keyboard layout to an (IMO
overdue) i18n capplet, and keyboard accessibility to at-preferences.
Thus, both are only pointed to in the mockup's Keyboard tab. what do you

It certainly looks better than nested tabs.
Some minor nits (that apply to the current layout as well):

- As a left-handed user, I would feel slightly less singled out if the
  "Left-handed" checkbox was a "Left-handed/Right-handed" radio group.

Indeed. I changed that in the mockup.

- I think all the xref buttons that we have in various capplets should have
  some explanatory text, like "For further keyboard configuration see..

IMO the buttons themselves suffice if they are labeled good enough for a user to know if he wants to go there or not. The button labels in the mockup for instance are pretty descriptive; I click "Layout..." when I want to change my keyboard layout (could also be named "Keyboard Layout..." for maximal clarity), and "Accessibility" if I like to have a11y-related options.


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