Re: gnome-theme-manager and gnome-background-properties

On 3/27/07, David Prieto <frandavid100 gmail com> wrote:

As I see it, the wallpaper is a part of the desktop theme. Is there a
good reason not to have the background manager integrated into the theme
manager, as just one more tab?

Some reasons that I can think of are:

a) people like to change their background. The standalone
  background capplet is a much simpler interface to achieve this
 than a multi-tabbed monster.

b) too many tabs

c) thats the way it currently is

I'm attaching two mockups of how the thing should ideally look like. The
desktop colour chooser is moved from the "background" tab to the
"colours" tab, wich A) makes more sense IMO, and B) saves space in the
wallpaper tab and makes it less cluttered, while takes some space in the
almost empty colours tab.

This kind of "logical organization" approach to distributing settings over tabs
is not leading forward, imo. Selecting those colors is part of the
task to change
the background, thus it needs to be grouped with the other settings that are
required for this task, not with unrelated settings that happen to be
of the same


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