Re: "Undo" button in capplets

On 10/04/07 19:28, Denis Washington wrote:

Then there would doubtless be people who would want a Redo button to
counter the Undo button, so they could quickly toggle between 'before'
and 'after' states to see the effect.  A not unreasonable request, but
it would lead to pretty cluttered dialogs.

It doesn't necessarily have to look cluttered:

It doesn't look cluttered, but I can't help feeling the work-to-benefit and/or complexity-to-benefit ratios are probably a bit unbalanced. A feature like this will require a lot of ground work, for something only likely to be used a very small proportion of the time.

However, I'm not going to stop you if you have the time to implement a nice static library we can share between the capplets! While we're at it, I'd like to suggest we move away from the "Dialog Window" approach to capplets. I think a dialog window will forever be associated with the explicit apply model, and we really need to re-enforce the idea that these settings are instant apply. If you look at some of the control center interfaces in various operating systems that use instant apply, none of them have any buttons at the bottom of the window. Dialog windows are a "request for action" (hence the name), where as our capplets do not have any sort of request or dialogue with the user. What do people think about this? I think it's potentially something that could be added to the HIG, under the instant apply section, to clarify what type of windows "Preference Windows" are.



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