Re: "Undo" button in capplets

Calum Benson wrote:
On Sat, 2007-04-07 at 13:21 +0200, Denis Washington wrote:

I have noticed that some capplets have "Revert" or "Reset to Defaults" buttons for certain settings. How about building a more general way of this functionality into all capplets? My idea would be to add an "Undo" button next to the "Close" button of each capplet (or "Finish", but that's another debate... ;). This button would then revert the last single change a user made. That way, the user could undo a few changes without automatically losing all changes he or she made since starting the capplet. The undo history would best start with the start of the capplet, so undoing as much as possible would be the same as "Revert".


We've been over this a few times before; trouble is we can never agree
what to do :/


My two cents on this:

"Revert": As soon you made only one change that you like to keep, this is pretty much useless.

"Reset to Defaults": How should a user remember which are the defaults? How would the defaults really help the user, given that they are really very few settings that can seriously "break" anything? What if I use the feature and realize that I like the defaults less than the settings before?

"Undo" is a common thing in most applications, and it Just Works. I don't know why we should further complicate the task of taking back changes. I mean, it's still just a pretty small part of the things you do inside a preferences dialog, why have two or even three buttons with slightly diefferent semantics for it?

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