Re: Appearance Capplet Ideas

On 09/04/07 16:29, Jens Granseuer wrote:
On 08.04.2007 21:33, Thomas Wood wrote:
On 8 Apr 2007, at 16:40, Jens Granseuer wrote:
1) putting the metatheme stuff above everything else implies that
saving/choosing a theme there also includes settings like fonts,
background, menus & toolbars which it (usually) does not (and
should not).
Why not?

I was mostly thinking about the "options" tab (and, to some extent,
fonts). Those are settings one chooses for a reason, and I
wouldn't like themes to randomly go about changing them.

I would imagine that's why they're optional at the moment too. Windows 98 had a feature in its Desktop Themes application where the user good specify which desktop settings should remain untouched:

I'll see if I can fit a similar sort of option into the current interface, but it really looks like it would require a separate Desktop Themes application.



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