Re: Appearance Capplet Ideas

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 23:44 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
> Various people have suggested an all-in-one appearance capplet might be 
> a good idea to try and reduce our proliferation of these settings over 
> many different windows. Unfortunately, no one has so far come up with 
> any good mockups (other than "let's cram all the current capplets into 
> tabs"). So, I put together a glade file organising our existing options 
> into the following categories:
> * Theme - Anything to do with saving, installing and removing themes
> * Appearance - Colours and styles
> * Fonts - Fonts to use, and rendering options
> * Desktop - What to display on the "Desktop" (i.e. root window)
> * Options - "Look and Feel" options that don't fit into the above
> A few of the screens could do with cleaning up and simplifying (Fonts 
> for example). What are people's opinions on "Advanced" buttons so that 
> we can keep the main tabs clean and simple?
> The other things that are missing from the current layout are cursor 
> settings (themes), and also any link to sound themes for the Themes tab. 
> Perhaps cursor themes should be added to the Appearance category, 
> underneath icons. I'm not sure how any link to sounds for the Themes 
> page should work.
> Screenshots are on the wiki page[1], along with a few notes and ideas. 
> Please feel free to add any points of importance. If people would like, 
> I can also upload the glade file.
> Comments? Questions?
it looks quite good to me, only 2 things:
* someone said it was wrong to repeat the same string in the dialog and
in a tab, and we have 'Appearance' twice. Not sure if it is a problem
* cursor settings: maybe we want to have another combo box to select the
icon on the appearance tab?
* options: it says behavior and appearance (appearance again :-) while
it only deals with menus and toolbars. Shouldn't we just have 'Menus &
toolbars' there?
* sound themes: if we add these, we might want to add another tab

Apart from these, it looks great to me, so unless there is something
really bad against it, I'd vote for doing this.
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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