Re: RFC: libnotify status

On 10/29/06, Sergey Udaltsov <sergey udaltsov gmail com> wrote:

Could you please comment on the status of libnotify - is it officially
approved external dependency in GNOME or not.

It is not.

According to , it is
not. But at the same time, in jhbuild 2.17 moduleset libnotify is
included into <after> section in the evolution module - which, I
presume, means strong dependency (am I wrong?).

Yes, you are.  ;-)  <after> denotes an optional dependency.  It just
means that if both modules are built, the given module should be built
after libnotify is.

So what is the actual
state of affairs? May be, it is time to make it official external

It's still only allowed as an optional dependency, and will stay that
way until it gets proposed and accepted by the community.  Last time
it came up (2.14 cycle, I think?), there were those that weren't keen
on the idea of adding another widget library (libsexy) when we had
Project Ridley and lots of work trying to kill the excessive number of
such libraries.  Anyway, there are a lot of modules that happen to use
it as an optional dependency and it may be time to make it an official
dependency (either external or internal), but it needs to be proposed
for that to happen.

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