Re: VM (libgswitchit) + VM (kbdraw) --> dep (libgnomekbd)


I am not sure I would be the best person to do it - I am not using
jhbuild at all and have no slightest idea how it works (I just know
what it is about). Do you think it would be the fastest way to update
it - to wait till I get into it?



On 10/19/06, Thomas Wood <thos gnome org> wrote:
Sergey Udaltsov wrote:
> Hello people
> As I already reported on p.g.o, I want to replace (in g-c-c, in
> particular) two virtual modules with one external dependency - new
> library libgnomekbd (providing two .so objects). These two old virtual
> modules were heavily refactored while merging into new library. I am
> planning to do this replacement within 2.17 cycle (ASAP, actually).
> During early discussions, it was pointed out that g-s-d would be
> better off without dependency on gtk (which is a fair point) - and the
> proposed change will make it so (now, libgswitchit depends on gtk).
> Another GNOME module where I plan to do this substitution is gnome-applets.
> Any questions/comments?

Please update jhbuild if you make dependency changes in a module.


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