Re: VM (libgswitchit) + VM (kbdraw) --> dep (libgnomekbd)

Sergey Udaltsov wrote:
> Hello people
> As I already reported on p.g.o, I want to replace (in g-c-c, in
> particular) two virtual modules with one external dependency - new
> library libgnomekbd (providing two .so objects). These two old virtual
> modules were heavily refactored while merging into new library. I am
> planning to do this replacement within 2.17 cycle (ASAP, actually).
> During early discussions, it was pointed out that g-s-d would be
> better off without dependency on gtk (which is a fair point) - and the
> proposed change will make it so (now, libgswitchit depends on gtk).
> Another GNOME module where I plan to do this substitution is gnome-applets.
> Any questions/comments?

Please update jhbuild if you make dependency changes in a module.


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