Control Center Shell


I'm pleased to hear about the integration of the SLED control center shell into gnome-control-center. However, I think it currently looks and feels a bit alien compared to the other GNOME applications. More specifically, I noticed the following things:

* The coloring of the side pane is a bit sub-optimal. It seems to change with the theme, but often doesn't look really nice, for instance there is much too much grey with the Ubuntu theme (see attached screenshot). Also, the section headers differ from the GNOME common practice in that they aren't bold.

* The icon at the right of the search entry, obviously coming from the slab search entry class, makes sense in SLED where it appears in several places, but is not common in GNOME and thus has not the effect of recognition it has in SLED. It might be nice to replace it with a clear button like the one found in Rhythmbox for instance, this would make it obvious at least to users of this program that it's a search entry and also provides extra functionality.

I would be glad to help with the development of the shell if you like.


PNG image

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