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If Metacity is intented to become the default window manager for GNOME,
it should use click-to-focus mode by default.

> However, we can get away with only adding a few such "essential
> options," I hope. Which shouldn't hurt things too much.
> One definition of a crack-ridden option is one that no one would
> really want if they hadn't gotten used to using it in the past.  How
> many Windows users who've never used UNIX are demanding sloppy focus?
> None whatsoever. So that option is stupid, if you were starting from
> scratch.

How many of them know of it and have had opportunity to try?

(I saw a Windows user turn green when I showed the middle-click PRIMARY paste.
 Fortunately this non-Windows thing doesn't conflict.)

Using a computer is stupid if you are starting from scratch.

> Havoc

Greg Merchan

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