Re: window manager configuration

Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> writes:
> you should talk to federico about this, since he is planning to write a
> non-configurable configurator for sawfish. I am cc'ing him.

Excellent. BTW, I have a couple ideas on this:

 - if we handle Sawfish in a similar way to GTK for configuration
   (put keys in GConf, have a process that watches those keys and
   propagates them to Sawfish), then people could do things like
   set up systemwide defaults for the WM configuration, and so on.
   i.e. get all the GConf manageability features.

   Also we can easily configure the WM from multiple capplets, if that
   makes sense - e.g. maybe the "Colors & Fonts" capplet contains the
   WM titlebar setting, and the "Window Behavior" capplet has some
   other things - if we communicate with Sawfish directly, all those
   capplets will need to connect to Sawfish or something, and we'll
   probably be too lazy to do the GUI right because of the
   implementation mess.

   However if we keep all the Sawfish code in one place in the
   GConf-listener process, as with gnome-settings-daemon, spreading
   the actual config GUI around the capplets where it makes UI sense
   is really easy.

 - I forgot the other one, and it's 4 am. ;-) I'm sure it was
   great. ;-)


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