Re: window manager configuration

you should talk to federico about this, since he is planning to write a
non-configurable configurator for sawfish. I am cc'ing him.

On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 00:23, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Today's questions from me are:
>  - which window manager options are not crack-ridden bogosity?
>  - which crack-ridden bogus options do you have to offer 
>    despite their bogosity, since people are grumpy?
> Here is my list of options that are probably reasonable:
>   Titlebar font size
>   Titlebar font family
>   Number of workspaces (once you assume workspaces are OK ;-)
>   Name of each workspace
>   Current theme ("border style") (theme doesn't include the font, just the 
>                                   frame appearance)
> Here are some possible options for the "advanced" tab:
>   Keybindings use Alt (MOD1) vs. Windows/Meta key (HYPER/SUPER)
>     (I hate this one, but basic deal is that the Windows key is
>      better, if it exists, but often it doesn't - I'm not sure trying
>      to autodetect this is a good idea since it'll result in
>      inconsistency, so I think Alt by default, but the option to
>      switch to Windows key for people that want to reduce keybinding
>      conflict issues with legacy apps)
>   Custom keybindings in general 
>     (I hate this too, but realistically people need to work around
>      applications; on Windows the long-standard navigation keybindings
>      mean that apps never conflict with them. Also, people hate to
>      re-learn keybindings, and you just can't fight the system.)
>   Click-to-focus/sloppy focus (follows mouse?)
>   Stuff from "Actions" tab in KDE window behavior control panel:
>     titlebar double-click maximizes vs. shades?
>     titlebar single-click actions for buttons 1/2/3?
>     first click action for buttons 1/2/3? (pass through first click?)
>     Alt+click action for buttons 1/2/3?
> Options I hate a lot but people probably want:
>   Maximize covers panel or not
>   Panel is on top vs. below vs. raise-on-mouseover/focus
> Sound about right?
> What is the control panel (or panels) called that contains these
> items?
> Havoc
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