window manager configuration


Today's questions from me are:

 - which window manager options are not crack-ridden bogosity?
 - which crack-ridden bogus options do you have to offer 
   despite their bogosity, since people are grumpy?

Here is my list of options that are probably reasonable:

  Titlebar font size
  Titlebar font family
  Number of workspaces (once you assume workspaces are OK ;-)
  Name of each workspace
  Current theme ("border style") (theme doesn't include the font, just the 
                                  frame appearance)
Here are some possible options for the "advanced" tab:

  Keybindings use Alt (MOD1) vs. Windows/Meta key (HYPER/SUPER)

    (I hate this one, but basic deal is that the Windows key is
     better, if it exists, but often it doesn't - I'm not sure trying
     to autodetect this is a good idea since it'll result in
     inconsistency, so I think Alt by default, but the option to
     switch to Windows key for people that want to reduce keybinding
     conflict issues with legacy apps)

  Custom keybindings in general 

    (I hate this too, but realistically people need to work around
     applications; on Windows the long-standard navigation keybindings
     mean that apps never conflict with them. Also, people hate to
     re-learn keybindings, and you just can't fight the system.)

  Click-to-focus/sloppy focus (follows mouse?)

  Stuff from "Actions" tab in KDE window behavior control panel:

    titlebar double-click maximizes vs. shades?
    titlebar single-click actions for buttons 1/2/3?
    first click action for buttons 1/2/3? (pass through first click?)
    Alt+click action for buttons 1/2/3?

Options I hate a lot but people probably want:

  Maximize covers panel or not
  Panel is on top vs. below vs. raise-on-mouseover/focus

Sound about right?

What is the control panel (or panels) called that contains these


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