Re: [HIG] Control-center redux

> Additionally, we need to decide what the basic capplet should look like.
> We've been wanting to move to instant-apply for a while, but it's clear
> there are cases where it's not going to work as well (such as the theme
> changer, or eve the background selector) as the action is too slow.

I think instantl apply is fine for the background selector, as long as a
"thinking cursor" is displayed and the switch is non-blocking. Changing
backgrounds on my modestly powered machine only takes a second or so; I
don't think that's a real issue. Presumably the file selector will also
have thumbnails, so they will know what the image they are selecting is.

> Additionally, I'm pretty sure changing the mouse's acceleration while
> trying to drag the slider is bad UI. (-:

Probably, but it would be fine to change it as soon as they "dropped"
the slider.


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