Re: Control-center redux

Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> writes:
> It occurred to me earlier this week that the mouse and keyboard
> properties capplet shouldn't actually set anything beyond the gconf
> values.  Instead, we should use the gconf-xsettings daemon.  Here's my
> rationale:
> 1) The demon is always running, so if someone else out there sets the
>    key, it'll get updated.
> 2) We need to set double-click (and other GTK+ based settings) through
>    it, anyways.
> Also, I think we should move gconf-xsettings out of it's own module and
> into the control-center module.

and probably rename it "gnome-settings-daemon"

The idea here is to have the "view" for settings be this daemon thing,
and have the capplets be just GUI code, nothing else.

If we do this for mouse/keyboard I see no reason not to also do it for
background, i.e. it's a replacement for the --init thingies we have in
the default session right now.


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