Re: Control-center redux

Bradford Hovinen <hovinen ximian com> writes:

> Indeed.
> I have started porting things over, but the work is proceeding very
> slowly. It should pick up in pace this week, provided I do not run into
> unexpected difficulties.

Hi Bradford,

It occurred to me earlier this week that the mouse and keyboard
properties capplet shouldn't actually set anything beyond the gconf
values.  Instead, we should use the gconf-xsettings daemon.  Here's my

1) The demon is always running, so if someone else out there sets the
   key, it'll get updated.

2) We need to set double-click (and other GTK+ based settings) through
   it, anyways.

Also, I think we should move gconf-xsettings out of it's own module and
into the control-center module.


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