Re: control-center-1.5.4 compile error's

On 01 Aug 2001 20:45:40 -0500, Michael Thomas wrote:
> i've been trying to compile since yesterday.
> It keeps boming out w/ the following errors
> file not found by glob:
> /var/tmp/control-center-1.5.4-root/etc/CORBA/severs/*
> file not found by glob:
> /var/tmp/control-center-1.5.4-root/usr/share/gnome/wm-properties/*
> file not found by glob: /var/tmp/control-center-1.5.4-root/usr/share/idl

Are you compiling an RPM from the .spec file?

If so, be advised that we have not updated the .spec file that is
included with the distribution in a long time. For now, I would suggest
compiling manually.

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