Re: A new home for the HIG

On 21 Nov 2011, at 16:02, Allan Day wrote:

> This creates the question of how to host the new HIG. A CMS seems like
> a logical option, since that will allow us to show when pages have
> been updated and to highlight new content on a potential HIG homepage.

More specifically, a couple of the features we had in mind were:

* On the home page, ability to search patterns by text or tag, or browse patterns visually, or see which patterns/guidelines have been recently added or updated. (I wouldn't say these are particularly beautiful examples, but and are in the same sort of ballpark.)

* Ability for designers to have, and users to see, at least some of the design conversation alongside each pattern or guidelines page that resulted in those guidelines/patterns. (Think MediaWiki's discussion tab, perhaps.) With GNOME design increasingly happening across IRC, git and various wiki pages, and feedback coming from even wider sources like bugzilla, Planet GNOME and Google+, it's not always easy for new contributors to quickly figure out how we got to where we are, and to avoid making mistakes that we may have already made for them :)


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