A new home for the HIG

Hi all,

The old HIG is showing its age. Calum Benson and me are currently
working on a new version. The plan at the moment is to incrementally
produce new content. Although we might not have a 'complete' resource
for a while, I'm hoping that it won't be too long until we have
something that people find useful.

The new version of the HIG is planned to be a more dynamic resource
than the previous version. Though there will be some relatively static
guidelines, there will also be some dynamic content in the form of a
collection of design patterns. The aim here is to have a resource that
can adapt to changing design practice and see us into the future.

This creates the question of how to host the new HIG. A CMS seems like
a logical option, since that will allow us to show when pages have
been updated and to highlight new content on a potential HIG homepage.

It is also worth noting that we will ideally want the new HIG be a
part of developer.gnome.org once it is ready.


IRC:  aday on irc.gnome.org
Blog: http://afaikblog.wordpress.com/

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