Re: The last long steps of the website

Vinicius Depizzol wrote:
> Hey Allan and Andreas!
> I'll be working the most I can to help on that during all the following days.
> I'll give a pause in the localization plugin by now and focus in the
> design of the pages (we can't have translated content in time anyway).

Great news.

> By the way, I got a question regarding this structure. Do we want to
> keep the news area[1] right now?

Let's keep it, and add a 'More News' button to the bottom of the news
section on the home page.

Ooo, also: can we have the snazzy Identica/Twitter/Facebook links on the
home page too?

> PS: I just changed the way WordPress handles the footer menu. Now
> there is only one "footer" tab, instead of "footer-N" for each column.
> To make a different column, just adjust the tree. Code is committed,
> but if it is not correctly displayed in the website, it needs to wait
> to be updated in the server.

Got it. Would it be possible to make the footer section headers not be


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