Re: GNOME Website Meeting

Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> writes:

> We're in a tricky situation. I'm seeing people working on slightly
> different directions here. We must make sure we're not wasting
> anyone's energy and time around the new website. So, I'd like to
> propose a meeting to discuss CMS, Design and Release Plan to make sure
> we're all on the same page. The meeting could be next Monday (May 11)
> 9h UTC. What do you think?

If I'm doing the TZ math right, this excludes me, since I'm on Pacific
Time.  :(

> Some quick personal notes on those topics:
> I'm very worried about the the sustainability of Plone as our CMS,
> especially in terms of available man power and long-term support. It's
> been almost 3 years and still don't have a basic website running on
> Plone... We can't afford to have the new website totally
> unmaintained/broken/outdated/etc just some months after the migration
> because we don't have anyone capable of maintaining it inside our
> community. We need some sort of maintenance and evolution plan. And,
> unfortunately, this might involve redeciding which CMS to use. But,
> before any redecision or rediscussion on this topic, I'd like to hear
> from Carsten and other volunteers actively working on the Plone
> implementation.

What other CMS's do you have internal resources to support?  If the
picture is no better for any other CMS, then might still want to go
forward with Plone.


> Design
> IMO, we should take this opportunity to bring a refreshed look to our
> website. Andreas and Vinicius are working on an improved look and feel
> for the website. This is *not* about short term html fixes on the
> current website. This is something that still needs to be agreed as it
> might involve some changes on the way we organise the content on the
> website. This also has implications on our Release Plan because we
> need to decide whether we put the new design as a goal for the new
> website or not.
> Release Plan
> IMO, we don't have to hurry, really. It's more important that we do
> the right thing than to quickly release something (and be careful to
> not lose focus on getting things done). We should probably attach our
> release schedule to GNOME 3.0 which is planned to be released by 2.30
> (beginning of 2010). In practice, this means we should have milestones
> for each upcoming GNOME release (i.e. 2.28 and 2.30). We can probably
> release the website before 3.0 but it's quite important to have a
> clear schedule reference.
> I understand that we're in a very good moment to get things done and
> that some people (Paul, Carsten, and others) are actively working on
> making the new website happen right now. It's not my intention to
> pushback the current momentum. The bottom line of this proposed
> meeting is to step back a bit and make sure we know that we're doing
> the right thing and doing it consistently.
> Cheers!
> --lucasr

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