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Hi Vinicius,

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On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 12:28, Carsten Senger <senger rehfisch de> wrote:

The overall layout is delivered from a cms. The main texts (on "normal"
pages one text area) are edited by a wysiwyg editor (kupu or TinyMCE). I
would rate the html created by the editor delivers html as acceptable
(only tags and classes, no stupid attributes like style or font). It's
not realistic (and in any case not productive) to let editors write
html. A text markup language (ala markdown, in our case called ReST)
would be possible, but not much better then html.
The output from the editor is fitted into the layout, together with many
other parts (the title, the vertical navigation, the horizontal
navigation box in the 2nd levels, maybe a marketing box or a box with a
feed from, ...). Which layout is used is decided by the
cms (via the output it generates).

Will we be able to generate pages like this[1][2] in a wysiwyg editor? I
really think we can't get stuck in a simple editor that can only generate
simple pages. For these cases, only HTML can be extensible enough.

kupu (the default wysiwyg editor) can't. I can test if TinyMCE (default
wysiwyg editor in the next plone version, but usable now) can do that.
You can always turn off the wysiwyg editor and write html source in an text
area, or maybe switch in the editor to a html source view. So you can get
shiny pages in, yes. But frankly this is normally over the head for
editors, it needs someone who speaks html.
Another option is the way the frontpage is generated. An editor can
composition a page with colums and rows. These are all <div>s. The content
of a div is whatever you fill it with. As the wysiwyg editors produce more
or less clean markup, this approach can be used and should be better
managable for editors (even if not as extensible as cooking tag soup by
hand). You can take a look at the source [a]. "News" is aggregated content
from the site, the right column ("Headingparagraph ...") is edited with an
wysiwyg editor.

We already have for putting fast information in a wiki
format. The GNOME Website should not look like a wiki.

It won't even if you can't do two column layouts ;)

We need pages that
look and feel as polished as possible, and for this I think there will be
always a designer by the side of the editors to edit the pages and make it
beautiful (editing in HTML! :D).

Not sure if editors want to be stuck if they can't get hold of a designer
to publish their content.  But we can largely get both: An easy way to edit
the pages while using the exciting, shiny and polished CD for editors, and
enough flexibility for designers to make special pages even more shiny.


[a] <>

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