On Sun, Oct 05, 2008 at 02:24:35PM +0200, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> Another point I like to discuss is - and that relates to the sorts of
> My suggestion would be to also migrate to
> a blog (but rather to or so) ASAP as a
> first step. AFAIK is not planned to run with Plone? What
> would be important is to present users things like tag cluds, so they
> can fish for the content they are looking for in and
> press releases, also. Some thoughts should go into what categories and
> tags are chosen. is just planetplanet. Just because I use a vhost instead
of the old pgo/news, doesn't mean that it suddenly needs Plone etc.

> Another problem with syndicated content is that each source will have
> different conten licenses. Also if you link to outside sources you are
> actually loosing visitors. So I think should work more on
> content it owns and can choose the license it wishes. The current site
> states that the content listes above is copyrighted by the GNOME
> project, while linked blog entries like
> explicitly
> state: "© 2008, Loren Bandieraʼs weblog. All Rights Reserved."

Per the Berne convention, stuff is automatically copyrighted. An
additional copyright mention doesn't add any additional value.

IIRC All Rights Reserved is frowned upon. Best not to use it. in above stuff is nothing different than any of the other
planets. The copyrighted by GNOME might make it confusing, but that is
something for some legal person to guide.


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