was it intended to title:

as "Planet GNOME"? I think that this can confuse people if that was
intendended. I also would recommend to:

 * Link to or to streamline with that
 * Link to

maybe both on a side bar.

I think it would be necessary to distinguish more between official GNOME
News and everything else.

Another thing is that if every entry is displayed in full length its
hard to actually get an overview. Also I think on GNOME News people
expect selected news and not a lot of feeds.

I would suggest that could rather import different feeds
itself in side bars instead of as in the main area. Like Footnotes , and many others do it.

I think that what would be important for the long run is to distinguish
sorts of news and choose where and how we will handle them. I will add a
list of possible sorts to the page

BTW: I suggest not only adding content to wiki page but also updating or
removing content - especially every wiki user should do this for his own
contribution where he might know best if this is still true or important.


Thilo Pfennig - PfennigSolutions IT-Beratung- Wiki-Systeme
Sandkrug 28 - 24143 Kiel (Germany)

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