Re: Moving the plone stuff into GNOME's svn

On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 17:57 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 11:42 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> > Ramon, the GNOME svn module now exists, thanks to the sysadmins:
> >
> > 
> > So could you please move the code from 
> >
> > into that module, so all work can be done in GNOME's svn? Ask if you
> > need help. Don't worry about the svn history - it will just delay us.
> Ramon, is there a chance that you could do this soon?

Ramon, do you now have an svn account?

murrayc murrayc com

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