Hi Frederik,

2007/7/30, Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be>:
> Hello all,
> I am now quite happy with current (code is hosted
> with bzr and available from [0]); it has all the things I noted down
> as important at GUADEC, is this okay to move that code to library-web
> module ?   (Goran, I am sorry I failed to use your code)
> Olav, there is a README file[1] with deployment instructions, is this
> possible to deploy this to once imported into the
> subversion repository ?
> Murray created a component in bugzilla (product
> website), feel free to report bugs or enhancement requests [2].
> About translations, will the module be automatically picked up by
> ?  I used gnome-doc-utils for the help
> page especially for this so if there is anything I have to do, please
> tell me.
> Lucas, I'll start cherry-picking documents on and
> integrate them.

Have a look at
Specifically the "Current Content Analysis" section.

I'm quite busy until tomorrow. I can help you on that still this week.


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