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The basic idea is that :

Use the custom script to test something in live, it's much easier and
close to reality than making an static page. After testing you should
make the change in the svn and then I'll update.

I just updated the last changes on the svn.


En/na Ricky Zhou ha escrit:
> Ramon Navarro Bosch wrote:
>> CSS : In order to work on the css files I recomend to log in on
>> the gnome-web ZMI ( ) I
>> created a username with manager permisions so you can go to
>> and
>>  where you can select on css and make a custom copy and edit it.
>> You must remember that on the
>> there is no cache so if you want to change css you should use
>> this url instead of To get the
>> username/password please send me an email.
> Actually, now that I think about this a bit, this might conflict
> with the idea of keeping CSS/theme changes in SVN (as a side note,
> there has been some talk about possibly moving gnometheme in
> GNOME's SVN recently).  I'm kind of afraid that collaboration will
> not work as smoothly when changes aren't tracked in SVN.  Most
> projects seem to push updates at regular times, so a cronjob or
> even a post-commit hook that triggers an svn update/export would
> probably do the job nicely, if it's possible.
> Thanks, Ricky
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