Re: gtk-doc manual on

Hi Stefan,

There is already gtk-doc locator in library-web sources that can work with
tarballs from GNOME FTP server and generate HTML references but that's not
called on test site.

Once called it will uncompress a tarball and look for API docs. There is a
problem working with gtk-doc toolset for docs from SVN as API references
can't be compiled from sources, without doing configure using GNU
autotoolset and that requires full build set and dependancies on web
server. Tarballs already do contain docbook file that can be used for
generating HTML output.

Locator is lacking support for cross-references (that should be easy task,
using "fixref" util).

Maybe can be just reused in Fredeirc's effort.


Dana Sre, 25 Jul, 2007 18:00 , Stefan Kost je napisao/la
> hi,
> what needs to be done to get the gtk-doc manual to appear on lgo (its a
> normal docbook manual that works fine in yelp)? gtk-doc is an important
> piece for develoeprs to get their docs generated. I invest efforts to
> improve the manual, but distributions mostly do not package it (I stated
> to file bugs against some). It should at least appeah on lgo.

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