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On 2/18/07, Andreas Nilsson <nisses mail home se> wrote:
Luis Villa wrote:
> Might be good to pimp GUADEC 2007 and not Boston Summit 2006 under
> 'upcoming events' on
Anything else we can add while we're on it?

Could we link to from "Upcoming Events"
text on that page?  (That page is a bit more developer oriented,
including reminding of freezes and such, so the text from that page
probably doesn't belong on GNOME's front page.  But a link would be
Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!

This is the text Thomas is going to put on the website when he gets back from Iceland. Please shout and correct me, those who find any spelling mistakes or just plain lies! :)
Do it quick though. I want this baby up now!


GNOME Developers from all across Europe get together to meet old friends, discuss new technologies and other GNOME related stuff in the GNOME Developer Room (H1302) at the FOSDEM Conferencef. On Sunday morning, the devroom will be used as a joint GNOME and KDE devroom to get together hackers of both communities on subject of interest to both groups

More information can be found in the GNOME wiki

July 15-21, 2007; Birmingham UK

At the annual European GNOME Conference, GNOME hackers from all across the globe will gather and show off new cool technologies, party and discuss the future direction of the project. Keynote speakers include Ubuntu Community manager Jono Bacon, kernel hacker Robert Love, Alex Graveley of Tomboy and Gimmie fame and Nokia embedded rockstar Ari Jaaksi!

Do you have anything interesting to show the rest of the GNOME Community?
Send in your talk proposal before Monday 12th March.

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