Re: PloneSoftwareCenter DOAP

Ok, there is a fairly working version of PSC doap-support branch on svn. We're still missing some attributes but I guess we're 70% done.
We still have to solve LinguaPlone's headache, but might not be as bad as it sounds (we only have to translate Title, id and description probably: the main matter is that PSC doesn't support LinguaPlone correctly as of now).
To view the source, to checkout it through SVN

It does have some issues that are mainly related to PSC skins itself, so it looks horribly and some pages gives an error. Note that I also had to add a method to That can probably be done through adapters, but it wasn't all that simple (due to some peculiarities on how the methods are invoked, I am not sure if it works).

I guess we can upload it on dev and see what happens: it worked perfectly (skinning aside) on my laptop.

Simone Deponti
- Oh wait, which ones are we Linux guys again, Rebels or Empire?
- Microsoft is the Empire. Apple is the Rebels. We are the Ewoks.

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