New Plone people needed

** Status:

The Plone stuff is now in GNOME's svn:

We also have a backup of the database with the content (Zope format):
Ramon says "you can put it in buildout/var/filestorage/ folder and it
will use it when you start zope" - see the README for more about that.

However, the svn is not quite in the desired structure and the
"buildout" system probably needs some work. See the README for hints
from Ramon:

I had hoped that Ramon could get those done so we would be more ready
for other people to contribute but that's obviously not going to happen.
He is now busy with his PhD and can't help us much more. I'm posting
this after talking to him.

So we need some Plone people who can do this for us. I personally have
no experience of Plone so I wouldn't trust me to do it even if I taught
myself about Plone. I'll blog this as well so more people see it.

** What to do:

The first aim should be to make it possible for anyone to install it
locally to test it. That includes instructions (hopefully simple) so
that even I could deploy it and test it. I would like some reassurance
that this "buildout" system is the best way to do that. Experienced
Plone sysadmins should know the answer to that.

Then I would like the Plone experts to generally check it over and point
out anything that we could do better.

Then we can deploy it as a beta on, fix the last few bugs, and
see if it's good enough.

murrayc murrayc com

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