Re: commit access for

On Fri, Apr 13, 2007 at 09:48:39AM +0200, Wolfgang Hofer wrote:
> svn co gimp-gap
> svn checkout --username hof gimp org --password ********
> gimp-gap
>  Logmeldung unver?\195?\164ndert oder nicht angegeben
>  A)bbrechen, Weitermac)hen, E)ditieren
>  c
>  svn: ?\195?\156bertragen fehlgeschlagen (Details folgen):
>  svn: MKACTIVITY von
> ?\194?\187/svn/gimp-gap/!svn/act/0a0a9f0c-82aa-e44c-a108-8c4
>  98304fafc?\194?\171: 400 Bad Request ( explains what is wrong... meaning
you need an SVN account.

> It seems that either username is wrong or commit privileg is missing.
> (I tired the same username/password that i use for my bugzilla account
> , where i am rgeistrated as gimp-gap developer)

Bugzilla has no direct relation to other systems (sometimes

> Who can help to enable commit access for me ?



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