Re: GNOME intro and 2.12 documentation

En/na Shaun McCance ha escrit:

> Our documentation in general has been outdated
> for well over a year now.  There's not much the
> web team can do about that, unless they want to
> double as tech writers.

The web team could set up a system in which documentation processes are
open to certain roles, leaving to the Documentation Team members and
other authorised roles the chance to revert changes.

Thilo suggested this could be done on a wiki. Challenging the default
candidate, I think this can be perfectly done with Drupal's Book feature
- - which has most of the features we like
from a wiki AND the features we like from more structured CMSs and
revision control systems.

> The specific document "Introduction to GNOME",
> is no longer maintained, and was dropped from
> the release set in 2.6, I believe.  No current
> pages should be referencing it in anything but
> a historical context.

If GNOME is not introducing itself we have a problem, not just from a
documentation perspective but also from a marketing perspective.

In the meanime, more and more distro related books and guides are being
published with chapters introducing GNOME, some of them quite updated
and with open licenses. Myself I'm writing one of these, as an author I
would be happy being linked from a wgo/learn page, or letting my work
being used/derived to introduce GNOME. I bet most authors would just
think the same.

To me this looks like another reason to open our web publishing
processes in order to ease and decentralise external output. The more we
dig, the more I think this change needs to be done, and soon. The
software we release every six months is miles away from the sites we
still carry, and they are affecting seriously the perception and
adoption of GNOME, and even the control over our own project.

Quim Gil -

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