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Hello all,

On 12/17/06, Quim Gil <quimgil gmail com> wrote:

Imagine I have a page with the title "All the GNOME Aplications You
Could Imagine" but in the nav bar we only want to have "Applications".
How can we do that?

Solution n1:
We extend/modify the document content type to have such a property (like SmallTitle, as opposed to RegularTitle).

Solution n2:
Modify the templates in order to not show the title. If the editor wants to put a title, he can drop in a <h1> right in the content and voilà.

The solution 1 needs to mess a bit with content types in order to be achieved, while solution n2 can be seen as a pure templating work.
However, note that plone for its own search engine gives priority to the title (I don't even know if it indexes the content at all, probbaly just the abstract).
On the other side, solution n2 offers the editor a little more flexibility (you may not want to put the title, you might want to have an image and then the title under it... you may want a lot of things and if it's all in the content you can arrange it like you prefer).

I'd say let's go for solution n2 for the following reasons:
* Ease of development (well, actually there's not a big difference between the two solutions)
* Flexibility. When we go on editing we might discover we need other functionalities, and I foresee the second solution as being the best regarding this issue.
* Titles should be short, better if one-word. Let's take the example "All the GNOME Aplications You
Could Imagine": the plone search subsystem will end up indexing this as more relevant for the keywords "Applications" (correct), "Imagine" (well ok, maybe that article on John Lennon in the section "our heroes" would be better") and "GNOME" (uhm yeah, but if you're searching for that, you better go to the home page :D)

These are my thoughts regarding the issue... if anybody has other ideas, they're welcome :)

Quim Gil ///
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