Re: Website update?

Tom von Schwerdtner said:
> Plone aside, I'm still very into this idea.  Are any of the people who
> actually have control over the sites interested in any restructuring?
> I'm fairly hesitant to do much with something like this unless I know
> that the idea has not already been shot down or there isn't already a
> behind-the-scenes effort underway (I found nothing in the list
> archive, but I could have missed it).
> -Tom

Personally, I'd like to see someone pull a for this
situation... put together a gold mine for gnome developers that combined
API, docs, typcial wiki junk, and maybe forums together in a secure,
stable environment. I don't think it'll happen by someone installing
Postnuke, Plone, or PooodleSkirtWikiOfTheMoment and then immediately
asking for a blessing. Rather, it'll need sweat, love, and a bit of
guerrilla marketing. Once it works (independent of itself) and
people love it, then lobby to make it official in some manner.

-Richard Hoelscher

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