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> So, it's bad that there's not a plan to make this happen, but I think
> that the GUADEC 2006's Drupal site should be a good test of this, and
> the best course of action for interested people would be to observe
> that, for instance on guadec-list.

And - that will be the new
hopefully soon. To observe, give feedback, criticise, contribute...

> (But do try not to complicate things too much for them - they need to
> get a website up real quick.)

Please, do try.  :)  We need tough marking (as in football) and
betatesters with an interest of having a cool and efficient GUADEC site,
but also (or mainly) with a wider scope on's needs and
possible evolution.

I will suggest to move forward with the drupalisation process once is a stable website from a technical perspective and the
community dynamics happening in it are kind of stable as well.

One possible step is to coordinate/integrate tables and data with anothe
GNOME website based on Drupal, - currently out
of the GNOME servers although it was somehow decided time ago that it
should become the official news site and be hosted in the official
servers (I was told).

Another possible step is to drupalise since a lot
was discussed about managing better our users (members, friends,
press...) and the strongest solution at the end of the (seurely
unconcluded) discussion was Luis Villa's suggestion of using CivicCRM, a
Drupal module. Donations can also be handled via Drupal, like the rest
of features currently present in the Foundation subsite. So it looks
like a feasible plan to develop.

Another possible step is to amplify to,
covering areas that are not currently covering in a proper
way. More:

Once these steps are consolidated I hope... we will have probably had
concentrated enough consensus and expertise to migrate the
revamp to this Drupal multisite - affecting this migration only to the
current static pages, not to live, bugzilla and other subdomains covered
by other specialzed applications.

Basically the plan would be to migrate to Drupal anything based on
static pages now in order to ease its administration and updates, plus
opening them to community dynamics and improving our registered users
base the users' management.

I hope this seems to you a good plan to try.  :)

Quim Gil -

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