Re: Applets tutorial


> following the discussion with Davyd in bug 153987, I have written a
> new section for the Gnome 2 applets tutorial about applet resizing.
> The tutorial is present in CVS in html and sgml. The html looks
> auto-generated, so I assumed the sgml was the original handmade file,
> and I worked in it. I have attached a patch for this file. Please let
> me know if I should have worked directly in html (I couldn't find any
> wml file for this document...)
> It might also be better to move this file from
> to where it
> belongs...

I've committed the change back to gnomeweb-wml, but only to the sgml
file. I'm not entirely sure how to regenerate the html file based on the
sgml, so I'll leave that to someone else...but you're completely right,
all this stuff should be on d.g.o.



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