Re: Gnome Website Search Demo

On vie, 2004-07-16 at 00:56 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Michael Henson">
> > I've been playing around with Plucene (the perl port of Lucene, which is
> > the same indexer that beagle uses). I've set up a little demo.
> > I plan to continue working on it and hope to be able to create a general
> > searching solution for the gnome web site built on this. Does anyone know
> > the feasibility of setting this up should it get good enough for general
> > usage?
> Hey there,
> We really, really do need a cool indexing/search system for the web site, so
> thanks heaps for looking into it!
> What are the advantages of using plucene over other indexing tools? We have
> namazu installed on the GNOME servers (for use with the mailing lists), and
> there have been vague plans to use htdig (despite its warts) on the website
> at some stage. Using another tool (not packaged by Red Hat for RHEL3) would
> be a maintenance cost -> is a Plucene-based index/search solution worth it?
> I've been really impressed by other Lucene ports (the C# one in Beagle and
> pylucene) - keen to find out what it can do for our web site! :-) If it does
> get good enough for general use, I'll give you a hand to integrate it with
> the site and on the servers.

Why not use Google?  A simple text box where to put the text to search,
and ask to google for:  "'text to search'" or

Germán Poó Caamaño

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